Stepping up the Promposals

Ellie Fasbender

Online Editor in Cheif

That time of year has officially rolled around. It’s Prom season everyone. Over the years Promposals have seriously upped their game. It’s a little less than a month before and Orono has been buzzing with Prom talk. Orono Prom will be held on May 17 at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley.

Some of students favorite aspects about Prom don’t even include the dress or the dance. It’s the Promposal that makes it so special. Students have gotten extremely creative over the years, announcing it through the school speakers, having famous YouTubers ask their special person to prom, or even decorating cars with signs and fun decorations.

Some very special promposals have already happened at Orono the past few weeks. And we are excited to see many more as the month continues.

In the first video senior, Pierce Penaz asks senior Julia Rosendahl to prom and in the second feature video senior, Zach Adams asks Emma Mulvahill to prom. Penaz asked during one of Ms. Swens AP Calculus classes and Adams asked Mulvahill with a box of donuts that said: “Emma, Donut say no to Prom”.