Fortnite takes over the gaming world


Zach Adams

Mitch Adams playing an intense game of fortnite on the Xbox 1

In only about 2 months, Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon. It first came out as a video game in 2013 developed by EPIC games. The game started out as a Player vs. Enemy campaign game but later added a Battle Royale Player vs. Player game, the version that found the most success. It is available to play on Xbox 1, Playstation 4 and online for free. The transition to the Battle Royale gameplay has leaded to a great deal of success such as reaching 3.4 million users playing at once on the date Feb. 3, 2018.

In order to win the Battle Royale, a player have to survive the 100 other players that are trying to eliminate each other. To start out the game, the player jumps out of what is called the “battle bus” and land onto the island filled with different locations such as Lonely Lodge and Tilted Towers. Within these locations there are weapons that are necessary to eliminate other players. Weapons can also be obtained by opening chests and finding them on the ground around the map. As the game leads on, the area in which the player can move in continues to get smaller and smaller until there is one player left standing.

“Fortnite is more than a game, it’s a brotherhood. There’s nothing better than going on and playing some squads with the boys after a long week,” junior Jack Kubitz said.

Within Battle Royale, there is the option to play solo, duo or squads. Squads is a group of 4 people that play together as a team. Other modes such as 50 vs. 50 have been added to the game as well.

As the game continues to grow, so do the amount of updates that have been added to the game. Updates include changes to the gameplay and additions such as new maps and new weapons. For instance, a player can buy outfits and gliders that are used within the game, but cost extra money. There is no competitive edge to the game so the playing field will always be even. As Fortnite continues to grow, so does its number of fans and overall popularity.