Turning in your ticket stubs

Katie Willander

Last year many of Orono’s sports teams went to state. Administration realized that the amount of people attending the games was not matching the number of students who were absent from school, and that students were using this as an opportunity to avoid all school related activities for the day.

To resolve this issue the administration introduced a new policy on submitting a admission ticket from the game. Like normal, students had to turn in a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian in order to receive an excused absence. However, the next step would be to bring in the student’s ticket stub from the game to the guidance office for a verified excused absence.

Students are required to purchase a ticket either beforehand, online, or at the venue. From there, they are to keep their ticket stubs and when they arrive back at school they are to staple the ripped ticket to the signed permission slip. If a student purchased a ticket online, then they have to email that ticket to Heather DeLong, the Administrative Asst. to Associate Principal.