Passengers: A Must See Movie


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The futuristic movie Passengers directed by Morten Tyldum

The thrilling, futuristic movie Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum, encompasses the story of two passengers trapped in a time-space continuum in an alternate universe. Situated in the back of the updated Mann Plymouth Cinema 15 Theater, I experienced a one hour 56 minute film leaving me constantly on the edge of my seat. While becoming completely engulfed in the story of the two characters, I became entranced by the special effects that portrayed the alternative universe we know as space.

Starship Avalon, is a spaceship on it 120 year voyage to a distant colony planet known as the “Homestead Colony”. Aboard the ship are 5,258 people, yet two of the passenger’s hibernation pods malfunction. As a result, two sleep chambers open prematurely altering the hibernation state of Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). The two passengers are stranded on the spaceship, 90 years away from their desired destination.

The concept behind Passengers, is the idea that a man is stranded on a ship, destined to die. The film examines the human condition and the unquestionable loneliness that Pratt exudes. He is driven to the brink of insanity, even compelled to contemplate suicide.  The writer, Jon Sphaits demises a script that asks the important and difficult question: What would you do?  Do you accept fate or do you tempt it?

Throughout the entirety of the film, the two passengers are only in contact with one another.  A film that contains such a small cast needs actors that can deliver, and deliver they did. Director Morten Tyldum casted actors who were driven, charismatic and contained excellent charisma between one another. The main roles of Jim Preston and Aurora Lane are played phenomenally well.  The actors assumed their roles in such a pristine way that, collectively they portray the futuristic concepts so clearly, allowing the viewer to easily immerse themselves in the plot.

Pratt, while possessing astounding looks, inspires emotion among viewers that is incredible. Similarly to the analogy in the movie, Pratt is compared to a drowning man, he will do anything to keep himself afloat. Portraying the lonely engineer, Pratt invokes empathy within spectators when he stumbles upon the beautiful Aurora Lane, in her hibernation pod in hopes of ceasing his loneliness. The masterful performance of waking Lawrence up, lures viewers to the edge of their seats.

In Passengers, Lawrence is spectacular and is the actress that truly gives the film an edge. Horrified at the fact that she has woken up only 30 years into the journey, she slowly accepts her fate, warming up to Pratt’s charm.  Yet, their blissful union is utterly interrupted by the truth that she was deliberately woken up by Pratt himself. The rollercoaster of emotions that Lawrence experiences from betrayal to agony to love, can truly be felt by the viewer.  

The acting is then enhanced by the power of music. The music played throughout the theater’s surround sound exudes the overwhelming feelings of emotions throughout the film. The heart throbbing sensations that the viewers feel are exemplified by the background music of instrumentals ranging from violins, harps, to drums. Especially in the song Levitate by Imagine Dragons, the song evokes a sensation of pure consolation.  

Passengers is rated PG-13 and the storyboard of events throughout the movie are made clear through shots and acting so the viewer can easily follow the plot as it unfolds over an almost two hour progression. It is always apparent who is talking and what just happened in the previous shot. Apart from the excellent set pieces, the special effects are spectacular. The effects are especially phenomenal when Lawrence is swimming in the pool aboard the Starship Avalon. The gravity in the ship gives and leaves Lawrence suspended in the water, gasping for air trapped inside a massive water bubble.  

Compared to other movies, Passengers contains a significant futuristic aspect. Tyldum has directed just short of 20 credits including Headhunters,, Buddy and The Imitation Game in which he won an Oscar for in 2015 for best director.  
I would rate the thrilling, heart-jerking film a 9/10. It seems like forever since I have been left in utter silence as the credits roll onto the screen, feeling bewildered by the events that have just unfolded before my eyes. The emotions that Pratt and Lawrence experience are so raw, and the realism that encompasses the film is extremely relatable; I feel that I would have made the same choices the actors did. Furthermore, the visuals effects were breathtaking. The ship design was incredible and their portal of space was everything I thought it would be. Although, the determining factor was the the futuristic plot. It was extremely unique and was unlike any movie I had ever seen before.