Sophomore Mitch Adams uses the Apple products Macbook Pro, Airpods and Iphone 8 while relaxing. (Zach Adams)
Sophomore Mitch Adams uses the Apple products Macbook Pro, Airpods and Iphone 8 while relaxing.

Zach Adams

Interactive Visual – Technology

January 22, 2019

This overview of technology covers mostly Apple and other brand named companies products and how they impact the world we live around. We talk about how there are positives and also negatives on how technology has impacted our everyday lives. In fact, we have created multiple interactive visuals that show these positives and negatives. Check it out!



Every single day, students, teachers and teenagers across the country are booting up their forms of technology to start off their days.

Important files and data are stored on each and everyone of our computer’s, which we count to be left the same as we had it when we turn it back on. Filled in every classroom throughout our high school are forms of the latest technology. Schools have been updating from whiteboards to smart boards, textbooks to computers and in class lessons to the flipped classroom method for the last ten years.

However in Orono, technology isn’t a helpful suggestion, it is a requirement. According to class criteria at Orono High School, it is necessary for students to have a personal learning device, also known as a PLD, in your classes. If purchasing a brand new computer is out of your reach, the school provides students with Google Chromebooks. Projects, homework and notes are not able to be completed at the highest degree without the use of an electronic device.

If you happen to miss a day of school, without technology, the only way you would be able to know what went on during school is through word of mouth. Today, teachers have many ways including posting daily updates to an electronic calendar and putting videos of themselves teaching their lessons on websites for these students.

Anything that a student could ever need for a research project or homework assignment is at the tip of their fingers when they are on an electronic device. Search engines such as Safari and Bing are intertwined between thousands of databases and websites that can provide the searcher with instant information that they need. Instead of asking the teacher a question, they can use their PLD to get the necessary information in seconds.

The most popular of these technology company’s, Apple, has continued to blow the mind’s of all it’s buyers. With devices ranging from computers to phone’s, Apple has every product a hard working student would need. While walking through classrooms around OHS, at least 75 percent of students were using an apple product. Apple is just one of many technology companies that have paved a way into the future of our lives.

Imagine a world without technology in a society like today’s…that’s right, you can’t. Technology will forever be an important part of our lives and the lives of the generations ahead of us.

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