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Seniors Slide to Victory at Class Competition

Emelia Lowe
Opinions Editor

Class Competition, an event every Orono student looks forward to during homecoming week, where all grades compete in a series of challenges. The event takes place twice a year during Spartan hour. Once during homecoming week, and the next during the week of sadies.

We didn’t really practice, we just got up there and had fun”

— Alex Maxwell

This year the seniors won back to back events with the lettuce eating competition and the fruit roll up challenge. This year’s freshman, sophomores and juniors were playing for a win against the seniors.

“We want to beat the seniors, it’s rigged” said David Wilfert.

The competition started to pick up with an intense round of musical chairs, bringing victory to the sophomores. The weight lifting competition was next and a close battle between the sophomore class and the senior class, the senior class won by 5 additional pushups.

Next was the dance competition. Sophomore’s Grant McElroy and Grace Morowczynski showed some impressive moves in the dance off and ended up getting first in the event, with the seniors falling to second.

“We expected to win the dance off, but the seniors were also really good,” Grace Morowczynski said.

Seniors Halle Lindholm and Alex Maxwell shocked the crowd, dancing to “Gucci Flip Flops”.

“We didn’t really practice, we just got up there and had fun” said Alex Maxwell.

In the final event tug of war, the seniors pulled their way to victory. The winners of the 2019 Class Competition were the seniors. Sophomores were placed second, followed by the juniors and lastly the freshman.

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