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Staff challenges themselves to create the best paper

Photo/ Maddie Mayhew

At their March 8 meeting, The Spartan Speaks staff edited pages of the print edition in preparation for publication, and they signed up for articles , photos and illustrations for the next edition.

March 13, 2013

Since 2007, Orono High School has had a student newspaper. The paper had been in existence before, but had been cut from 2003-2007 due to budget cuts, but Orono has been able to bring back both the journalism classes and also the newspaper. “As long as I see that thirst for information...[O...

Editorial: The media’s role in times of tragedy

Editorial: The media's role in times of tragedy

January 9, 2013

In a wired world, the news media plays an imperative role in providing accurate information about current events. A journalist’s most important job is to publish reliable, verified facts - not speculation or unverified conjecture. It is also the job of the news media to ensure that they are not sensationalizing...

Orono Activities Fair introduces students to clubs

Photo/ Tessa Ostvig

September 19, 2012

On Sept. 7, students congregated in the Orono High School cafeteria to learn more about the wide variety of clubs and activities they can do throughout the year. All of the major academic and service clubs with open admission were represented, including Spanish Club, German Club, Art Club, Quiz Bowl,...

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