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‘Little Women’: a fresh literary adaption

‘Little Women’ was released to theaters on Dec. 25, so far grossing $60 million at the box office with a 95 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Nina Johnson, Editor in Chief

January 16, 2020

Nina Johnson Editor in Chief Countless Little Women adaptions have made the big screen throughout the twentieth century. However, Greta Gerwig’s latest adaption brings an entirely new dimension to Lousia May Alcott’s famed novel, all the while adding a layer of modernity that makes such a timeles...

The Tale as Old as Time

Kayla Kaveney, Visuals Editor

March 23, 2017

It has been a long time coming for Disney’s 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast to come out, but little of the movie has been  changed. Beauty and the Beast was created in 1991 and today, is listed as the third best Disney princess movie created. In the new version, directed by Bill Condon, every...

Famous musical Les Misérables is on the big screen in a big way

Starring Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables came to movie theaters Christmas Day.

January 24, 2013

Les Misérables, the hit musical about the French Revolution, debuted in theaters in the U.S. on Christmas day. This film is extremely different from any recently made. It is not only a musical where there are poignant moments that are emphasized by song, but the Les Misérables stage version was...

Footloose gets viewers up off their seats

December 7, 2011

Footloose will have you dancing in your seat within the first two minutes. It’s a classic movie reinvented with fresh actors and a modern twist. Footloose is a perfect movie for dance and music lovers, but anyone would enjoy the show that it puts on. I saw Footloose at the Plymouth theater, which...

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