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Sonia Driskill
Hi! I’m Jazz Driskill, a local copy editor & your resident cat person. I’m currently a senior with a very vague plan of what’s going to happen in my future, I just know that I want to be a forensic toxicologist (basically a chemist who helps the police). I love to read & write (mostly fiction, but yay journalism!) and also do a bit of archery when it’s warm enough.

I love the sciences and the arts, but am not a huge fan of social studies. I play the harp and I am a vocalist, and I also enjoy acting. I speak French fluently and have a plan to one day know fluently at least five languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and some fifth--maybe Mandarin), if I can!

Sonia Driskill, Copy Editor

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Sonia Driskill