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The Spartan Speaks

Even with stress being a challenge, you can turn it into success.

How stress affects you physically

Jacob Farrell, Sports Editor November 19, 2021

The factors that involve stress are greater than anyone will ever know. Stress is just the simplified category of anxiety, overthinking, being overwhelmed and a variety of other things. The human body...

The newest updates on the Vaccines and the Covid myths people have been making.

Covid Update and Myths on the Virus

Sydney Heckmann, Visual Editor November 19, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently granted distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11 years old. On Nov. 3, parents were finally granted the ability to vaccinate their...

Isolation Induces Introspection for OHS Students

Rachael Driskill, Staff Reporter May 28, 2021

Though the world might seem to have come to a standstill at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many teenagers gained enough momentum to finally find themselves. “I found out so much about who...

This shows some of the basic emotions that can be experienced. It gives a glimpse into how many emotions there are and how what they might look like.

The 6 Basic Types of Emotions and Their Effects on Behavior

Tillie Hogenson, Health and Wellness Editor May 6, 2021

“I would define emotion as a way to express your feelings to the people around you,” senior at Wayzata High School Chloe Peterson said. According to the Department of History and Civilization, emotions...

Using Meditation to Take Back Control of the Mind

Using Meditation to Take Back Control of the Mind

Roman Licursi, Staff Reporter April 15, 2021

If you are like most Americans, when you see the word “meditation”, you envision cross-legged monks chanting peculiarly from the heights of an isolated monastery burrowed deep into the snow-capped...

Getting enough sleep is important for health and wellness. These five tips can help you solve small sleep difficulties.

The Complex Relationship Between Sleep and Mental Health

Tillie Hogenson, Health and Wellness Editor March 9, 2021

Lack of sleep is one of the most common symptoms of depression among teenagers. This is true for adults too, with 92 percent of people with depression complaining of sleep challenges, according to the...

A bumblebee continues its busy work day while bringing joy to those that witness it.

How Nature Can Positively Affect Mental Health

Rachael Driskill, Copy Editor January 21, 2021
“The work is always going to be there tomorrow, but you have to remember to live. Having something like gardening, having a plant to care for, to nurture, is one of the main reasons to get into gardening. It's a little ounce of joy.” (Mrs. Herring)
The MSP Airport has been looking surprisingly empty recently. Lines that would typically be full are bare amongst this  pandemic.

Traveling During COVID-19

Lauryn Pietrzak, Broadcast/Video Editor January 15, 2021

Traveling has been limited and risky ever since COVID-19 cases have continued to rise in the United States. Recently, airports and airlines have found ways to allow people to still travel but in a much...

Finding effective study habits and managing stress during finals week

Cate Challgren, Features Editor January 14, 2021

As the daunting finals week is approaching, it is crucial to not only prepare academically, but to pay close attention to other factors that may affect finals week performances. Sleep deprivation,...

Freshman at Orono High School, Maddie Johnson just got a new Cavapoo puppy. His name is Theo!

Pets Play Important Role in Improving Mental Health

Tillie Hogenson, Health and Wellness Editor December 20, 2020

One of the most challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the lack of social interactions. Because of this, mental health has been put at risk. The continued social distancing and quarantine has...

Avoiding Financial Stress and Budgeting During the Holidays

Faith Hanson, Staff Reporter December 20, 2020

There is often a stereotype that the holidays and end of year can be a very stressful time for a majority of people and cause a toll on people's emotional health. This is often viewed this way because...

Use one or several of these tips to help manage the stress in your life!

School Mental Health Is Not Just for Students: Teacher Health and Wellness Is Important

Tillie Hogenson, Health and Wellness Editor November 11, 2020

Mental health relating to school usually refers to the wellness and health of students. However, this also touches on the wellness of teachers and educators. With the COVID-19 pandemic, school staff, specifically...

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