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The student news site of Orono High School

The Spartan Speaks

The student news site of Orono High School

The Spartan Speaks

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COVID-19 is Creating Huge Changes in the College Search and Application Process for High School Students

Sydney Govrik, Staff Reporter December 16, 2021

After almost two years since the start of the pandemic, Orono high school students continue to adjust to the new changes in the processes for their college search and applications. The most notable change...

Carver County, Minnesota must take extra precautions amidst their current coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 Outbreak in Carver County

Lauryn Pietrzak, Editor in Chief-Visuals March 28, 2021

Carver County is a group of towns located southwest of the Twin Cities; it includes Chaska, Waconia, Victoria, Watertown, Mayer, Norwood Young America, and New Germany. According to Carver County MN, just...

Vaccinations for Teachers MN

Vaccinations for Teachers MN

Roxy Neset, Staff Reporter February 1, 2021

A new program aimed at getting Covid-19 vaccines out to teachers has been launched. Governor Tim Walz recently approved plans for vaccine sites for school teachers. Although the state of Minnesota does...

The MSP Airport has been looking surprisingly empty recently. Lines that would typically be full are bare amongst this  pandemic.

Traveling During COVID-19

Lauryn Pietrzak, Broadcast/Video Editor January 15, 2021

Traveling has been limited and risky ever since COVID-19 cases have continued to rise in the United States. Recently, airports and airlines have found ways to allow people to still travel but in a much...

Walz Loosening MN Covid Restrictions

Juliana Ward January 7, 2021

In Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz is progressing towards safe and new ways to slowly reopen our state back to simpler times before the Coronavirus.  We now are given loosened restrictions and updated rules...

A students distance learning set-up a couple days after the announcement of the transition to distance learning.

Orono School District Moves to Distance Learning

Mikayla Burns, Editor in Chief December 8, 2020

As COVID-19 cases in the state have surged in recent months, the question of whether students should be in the classroom learning or learning at home has come up many times. The Orono school district...

Scientific COVID Article

Scientific COVID Article

Faith Hanson, Online Layout Designer October 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically affecting individuals worldwide, and as of October of 2020 there have been a reported 36.7 million confirmed cases and 1.06 million deaths according to The New...

COVID-19 with Sophia Capece

Sam Capece , News Editor June 3, 2020

Sophia Capece, an incoming Junior at Orono High School, has made the most of her time out of school during the COVID-19 school closure.

CDC is allowing businesses to kick back up again but they are many precautions that are needed to allow them to remain safe to others.

States slowly reopening with CDC guidelines

Juliana Ward, Staff Reporter June 2, 2020

The stay at home order that lasted for a couple of months felt like years for everyone but now, Minnesota along with other states have lifted that order, and states are seeing life slightly return to some...

COVID-19’s Impact on US Colleges and Universities

Margaret Kraus, Sports Editor May 29, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has suffered tremendously in all areas. Institutions of higher education have been one of the hardest-hit parts due to the inability to have students on campus...

College Changes with COVID-19

Juliana Ward, Staff Reporter May 28, 2020

Schools around the world are struggling to keep up with the serious COVID-19 pandemic and not knowing what comes next with the virus is definitely hurting colleges and high schools. It is very hard...

COVID-19 has caused many stocks in the stock market to plummet.

Economic impacts of COVID-19

Rae Malik, Online Layout Editor May 13, 2020

Rae Malik Online Layout Editor This week the United States declared over 1.3 million COVID-19 cases. Nowadays, many people are practicing social distancing and staying inside to contain the spread....

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