Kalin and Myles Show Their Dedication


Kalin and Myles show their dedication

Shannon Crosby, Business Manager

Kalin and Myles have been performing with each other since 2011. The two of them have a passion for singing and writing songs. They first released a song on YouTube and, instantly, it became a hit. They have come very far and plan on moving closer to the top.

The first song “Trampoline” has a rap and hip-hop feel to it. This song suggests that you don’t always have to be so serious and that it’s good to let go and have fun sometimes. This song has a mix of piano, guitar and bass.

The second song “I Don’t Really Care” is a faster and more energetic song. It has a theme of a club atmosphere. This song is not for sitting around. The music is accompanied by strings, drums, bass and other sound effects.

“Dedication” is a song that has a romantic feel, and it is also the name of the album. This song is much slower than the first two, although there is still a rap/hip-hop feel in the lyrics and the music itself.

The very last song on the album, “You’re The Only One I Need”, starts out with a guitar playing while moving into a rap theme. This song has mainly a feel of hispanic music.  There are trumpets, guitar and other sound effects in the background. This song is a great song to end the album with.

The album Dedication has a great variety of music for people who enjoy rap, hip-hop, romantic hip-hop and hispanic tunes.