Where is the courtesy?

Bri Shekels

Student Life Editor


Courtesy is having excellent manners, polite behavior, and respect. This idea of courtesy has dwindled away to a nice act only every now and then. Courtesy is slowly fading into disrespect; this is not only visible in school, but in disrespectful acts at stores, malls, and even on the roads.


Walking down the hallways in school has become a hassle. People stop in the middle of everywhere to talk to friends which is annoying to everyone else who is attempting to get to class. If you are going to stop, move to the sides so people can get through without having to push and shove.


DO NOT stop at the top of the stairs. It makes it impossible to get through and it makes it even tougher having a ten pound backpack weighing you down. Whenever people attempt to squeeze through the mass of students, they get mean looks and sometimes even a shove. If you just move to the side and let people through, everything would go a lot more smoothly.


Another place where things could go smoother is on the roads. Minnesota is ranked as the second best driving state, yet our merging is terrible. People do not use signals, do not look for other cars, and simply do not care about anyone else. They believe they are superior and have the right of way, even though they’re going half the speed limit.


Courtesy needs to be brought back. Without it, people are rude to those who disrespect them and the circle continues. We need to bring back the Minnesota nice.