Reaching for gold

Sophomore Maggie Brick has received the very special presidential award for service. Brick completed a whopping 175 hours of community service in the course of one year from Nov. 1 2013 to Nov. 1 2014.

The presidential award is ranked on how many hours are submitted in the course of a year and other time spans. It is then ranked into smaller categories such as bronze, silver, and gold. Brick received the gold award for her outstanding effort of serving our community.

Brick volunteered in a few different projects and associations: IOCP, Read Indeed, VBS, and also volunteered in some church retreats.

This outstanding young girl loves to help others in need. “I loved helping other people. It made me feel so grateful to have the things I have, but I would have to say that my favorite part was seeing the peoples reactions when I helped them.” Brick said. “I know for a fact I am going to do this next year and many years to come after that.”

While committing herself to doing service for the community, Brick’s little sister Lizzie Brick (freshman) followed in her footsteps and also received the presidential award for service. L.Brick completed 100 hours of service and also reached the gold level.

The Brick sisters both enjoyed doing service together because they learned that everything in life is a gift. They learned that helping others is a great way to help out our community as well.

Maggie Brick MedalLizzy Brick