Valentine’s Day should not be feared


Target starts to display valentines decorations the day after winter break.

Kaitlyn Williams
Editor In Chief

Feb. 14 comes around every year and it is a holiday that most people either fear or adore.  It’s a day dedicated to celebrating your loved one and for those who don’t have a loved one, well, those are the people who would rather just forget about it.

Valentine’s Day comes from a story long ago about a man in prison named Valentine.  He had fallen in love with the prison guard’s daughter though he knew it was forbidden.  He was sentenced to his death, but he left behind a single love note for his beloved which he signed “from your Valentine.”

Each year people sign Valentine’s Day cards with “from your Valentine” to signify the unshakable love for one another.

On Valentine’s Day people buy heart shaped candies, Hallmark cards, and anything else heart shaped that they can possibly find.  Every year individuals exchange about 180 million cards just for Valentine’s Day, makeing Valentine’s Day the second highest card exchanging holiday of the year.

Also, during the week of Valentine’s Day people in the US purchase more than 58 million pounds of chocolate, which is in turn gifted on the big day. Along with buying obscene amounts of chocolate, they also try to make Feb. 14 the most romantic and perfect day of the year.

From buying the heart shaped candies to the corny Hallmark card, cutesy gestures make Valentine’s Day what it is today.  Stores have made Valentine’s Day easier by displaying heart shaped products just about everywhere. Although, if you don’t know what to get or what to do for your special someone just go to for ideas.

The website supplies ideas of possible gifts for both “Him” and “Her,” ideas for where to go to celebrate, and what to do to create an absolutely perfect romantic setting for the whole day.  All of the ideas- all the candies and flower traditions associated with Valentine’s Day- are based off of the same card.

However, not everyone needs or wants to follow these traditions, the word “valentine” even making some people cringe.  Those are the people that would rather call this day Single Awareness Day or SAD.  They sit at home feeling bad for themselves as Valentine’s Day just makes them painfullly aware that they are not in a relationship.

Even if you’re not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, it can still be fun.  Spending the holiday with family and friends can make anyone feel loved and special. There’s no shame in getting a group of friends together for dinner or a candy exchange. Everyone deserves chocolate!