OHS Students Gear up for AP Testing


Tima Miroshnichenko

OHS students prepare for AP testing.

OHS is in the peak of AP testing season. Teachers are wrapping up this year’s AP curriculum and preparing their students for the AP tests. With that, many OHS students find themselves stressed over the looming exams and multiple AP tests they will take. Those partaking in AP testing are hoping to receive college credit, to help subside some of the financial burden of college by taking one less class.

“Usually, teachers will spend a good month leading up to AP exams just reviewing because the tests are cumulative from the entire year. So, we usually wrap up our last unit of learning around the beginning of April and then start preparing for the exam and doing specific practice that kind of pertains to what the test will look like,” OHS Senior Skye Thalhuber said.

While teachers may help prepare their students for the AP exams to the best of their capability, it is up to OHS students to study and prepare themselves for the exams.

“Since AP tests are next week, my teachers have really started preparing us for the tests. We’ve done a lot of practice testing in all my AP classes. But I usually prepare myself outside of school for the tests by doing Quizlets and looking over my notes,” Ava Thomson OHS Senior said.

How students’ study for AP tests varies greatly. Some start preparing a month or weeks in advance, while others, in some students’ words, “wing it.”

“Normally my teachers will spend a week or two before the AP test reviewing the curriculum and crucial information for the AP test. But most of the bulk work falls on me to prepare myself for the test. I don’t want to stress myself out too much for AP tests so I do all of my preparation in class with what the teachers give us. I participate in class review but don’t do outside work to prepare myself for AP tests,” OHS Senior Lydia Tysdal said.

Studies have shown that a majority of students enrolled in AP classes are stressed. With the number of students enrolled in AP classes spiking by 65%, it may become a more prevalent issue in schools.

“AP testing is really stressful because it is all the material of the whole year in one test which can be a lot of material because it’s a college level class. I get really stressed-out during AP testing, but I’ve taken the test in the past so hopefully this year it will not be as bad,” OHS Senior Alex Rapp said.

Why do OHS students put themselves through all the stress they receive from taking an AP class? Studies have shown that students who take AP classes have better time management and study skills vital for college. 85% of selective colleges say that students who have taken AP classes positively affect their acceptance. Students are also more likely to finish their college degree on time and have greater academic success.

“I have taken AP HUG, AP Lit, AP Lang and AP Stats. Because I scored well on those exams, I got college credits out of the way. They have also helped me get prepared for college,” OHS Senior Carly Pitts said.

Many students, however, find themselves taking AP classes to relieve some of the financial burden of college. In the past years the average cost of college has skyrocketed with the average cost of attendance per year being $35,500. The price has tripled in the past 50 years.

“AP testing can be nice because you can get college credit and then save money by not having to take a course you already took in high school,” Thomson said.

OHS students find themselves in the peak of AP testing season. Teachers have prepared their students to the best of their ability and now the bulk of the work falls on the students to prepare themselves and study for their upcoming AP exams. OHS students enrolled in AP courses find themselves stressed for the exam and the work that goes into preparing themselves for the test, in hopes for a good score. Many of the OHS students taking the AP exams are aiming for a 3,4 or 5 on the exam to receive college credit for the course and save money by taking one less course in college.