Taylor Swift Releases New Album, “Midnights”

Taylor Swifts new album Midnights.


Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights.”

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists around today. She is known for a number of popular songs such as: “Love Story”, “Bad Blood”, “Blank Space”, “You Belong With Me” and more. It has been roughly two years since her last album release, “Evermore”; and with the long-anticipated wait, Taylor finally dropped her new album “Midnights” on Oct. 21, 2022.

“I listened to the album right when it was released at 11pm on Oct. 20th. I thought the album was really good. I love Taylor Swift, so I was really excited; however, it is not my favorite album,” Taylor Swift fan Brooklyn Elsenpeter said.

After the album “Midnights” was released, it received mixed reviews. When compared to her past albums, “Midnights” takes on a different style and tone.

“I listened to the album when it came out at 11pm, I thought it was okay at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it,” OHS senior Ava Thomson said.

Taylor has released many hits. With expectations high for the new album some OHS students argue that her past albums exemplify her work better.

“I was a little bit disappointed in the new album. I expected a bit more, granted some of her old music is a lot better,” Mackenzie Callan said.

Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift collaborated on a single in Taylor’s new album “Midnights”, called “Snow On The Beach”.

“I don’t remember hearing Lana in the song at all if I’m being honest. All I could hear the whole song was Taylor,” Callan said.

A common theme becomes present across several OHS students interviewed, that Lana Del Rey is barely heard over Taylor in their song “Snow On The Beach”.

“I really liked the song “Snow On The Beach”, I’m a little bit sad that Lana Del Rey was so in the background, but I still think it is a really good song,” Ava Thomson said.

Even though the album has received many mixed reviews, listeners still have their favorite song from the 20 songs Taylor released.

“My favorite song was “Mastermind” for sure,” Thompson said.

Some students’ opinions vary with their favorite song from the new album “Midnights”.

“My favorite song from Taylor’s new album is probably “Maroon,” Elsenpeter said.

“Midnights”, Taylor Swift’s new album, was released on Oct. 21, 2022, and is now available for listening. The highly anticipated album has received mixed reviews but has garnered attention from many here at OHS.