Clouds flys a little higher

Clouds, a new movie based on a true story, released October 2020.

Clouds, a new movie based on a true story, released October 2020.

Clouds. Everyone knows and loves the song. Watch the movie and feel like you’re present in the movie. Zach Zobiech played by Fin Argus is a high school student who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Directed by Justin Baldoni, Clouds is his highest rated film making it his biggest success. Only two days after the movie Clouds was released, his song made its way once again to the number one spot.

The film is about a teenager named Zach who is a singer/songwriter from Stillwater, Minnesota. The movie begins at a later point in his life. He is a senior in high school and has been fighting cancer for several years. He pushes through that sickness and remains an energetic loving kid. As he was in his last year Zach and his best friend Sammy played by Sabrina Carpenter wrote his goodbyes in lyrics and one of those songs went viral. “Clouds,” a song about him facing death, hit the top of the Itunes chart in 2013. Zach’s biggest supporters in his life were Sammy and his girlfriend Amy played by Madison Iseman. After one year of living with terminal cancer he loses his life. Zach still lives on in his music today.

The actors in this movie were really good. They weren’t very well known actors but they played the role beautifully. Each character showed what true emotions look like, from bawling their eyes out to laughing and showing genuine love for Zach. For example, Zach’s parents are extremely emotional because their son is slowly dying. The actors played the role as if they were his true parents. Each actor met the real life character they would be playing to learn more about them. Disney was the producer for this film and they did a fantastic job creating this. You can tell this is a Disney movie when you watch it. Disney movies generally share the same characteristics. They deal with a trauma in this case Zach struggles with cancer.

I would give this movie a 10/10 rating. The acting was superb, a dramatic and heartfelt story, a beautiful story everyone will love. Clouds is a must see movie.