Is it possible to get testing and treatment for all?


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The US healthcare system is deciding on how to deal with Coronavirus.

Claire Suchy, Copy Editor

Claire Suchy
Copy Editor

Currently, the United States is the epicenter of the coronavirus, reporting the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. With almost four million cases worldwide, a number which is growing rapidly every day, the question of whether or not getting everyone who needs a test and treatment is feasible.

In a recent relief bill signed by President Trump, free coronavirus testing will be provided to all, among other things. Though testing may be free, the actual treatment for those who contract coronavirus can be thousands, according to Business Insider.

“It’s worrying that some people may be deterred from seeking treatment, especially if they are in a group that is vulnerable, because of the cost,” senior Brooke Parten said.

The healthcare situation regarding coronavirus is unprecedented, due to every single other country that has suffered an outbreak operating under a nationalized healthcare system. Many left-wing politicians, including former democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, have called for both free testing, treatment, and eventual vaccinations for coronavirus patients.

“It’s a scary time for the entire country and I think it would help ease the fears of many people if they knew they wouldn’t go bankrupt,” senior Molly Martini said, “I think coronavirus has shown us how much our healthcare system differs from that of something like NHS [the UK’s nationalized system].”