Teachers compete for students’ amusement


Mikayla Burns

English teacher Jennifer Ivers gleefully shoves a pie into Spanish teacher (and her husband) Paul Ivers’ face.

Gracie Hornbaker, Features Editor

During the last Spartan Hour before winter break, Orono teachers competed in various feats while students cheered them on from the bleachers. Teachers were split into two teams, red and blue, but only one team was able to come out on top. The teachers participated in freeze tag, musical chairs, slang knowledge, and tug of war.

Right out of the gate, the red team won the game of freeze tag. Seeing teachers running around and sliding under each others legs was a great way to start the competition. Things got real competitive between the teachers when they played a game of musical chairs. Spanish teacher Robbie Smalling was so determined to get a chair that he climbed on top of math teacher Kristen Frey. Red team won the game after biology teacher Jeremy Buch sat down before the music stopped.

Slang knowledge was a highly anticipated event of the teacher competition. Kyle Herring and Jennifer Ivers used the help of their classes to study slang words before the competition. No cap, they were more than ready. Herring lead the blue team to victory.

“I was so proud of Mrs. Herring. I helped her study for the slang. When she looked to me during the competition, I gave her looks of affirmation,” junior Juliana Ward said.

The competition rounded out like all class competitions\; both teams lined up for a game of tug of war. The red team was already beating the blue team by far, but both teams still fought hard. Red team won both games and were lead to victory.

Before students returned to class, it was time to pie Paul Ivers in the face. Senate ran a fundraiser to collect donations for Toys for Tots. When given the choice, students donated the most money in favor of having Paul Ivers receive a pie to the face. Since Jennifer Ivers is his wife, she was the one to deliver the pie to his face.

“Nothing says happy holidays like pieing your spouse in the face,” English teacher Jennifer Ivers said.

Having a teacher competition was the perfect way to have a great last day of school before winter break. All teachers who participated in the event showed off their competitive side and made students proud.