Orono Schools Hosts ‘Orono’s Got Talent’ With A New Panel Of Judges

On Friday, March 8, Orono Schools will host their Orono’s Got Talent event at 7pm in the auditorium. Admission is $5, and the event will feature several solo performers along with musical groups, all performers being students at Orono Schools.

This year, Orono’s Tri-M, the Music Honors Society, and NHS, the National Honors Society, worked together to put on the talent show. The groups created flyers to promote the event, which can be found around the school with information.

“We will have a panel of A-list teacher judges,” said senior Carolyn Fritz.

Unlike past years, Orono’s Got Talent plans to host a panel of judges for the event, including Mr. Lundquist, Ms. Frank, and Ms. Brenna. This may present an increased atmosphere of competition and fun amongst participants.

The $5 admission will be split between Tri-M and NHS, and the groups also hope to make a donation towards Women In Music, a charity supporting women participating in the arts.

“Hopefully we get enough people attending to donate to charity, along with supporting the two groups organizing it,” said Spencer.