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2018 Homecoming Coronation

Homecoming Coronation
Isabella Koch
Feature Editor

Monday, October 1st marked the first day of Orono High School’s 2018 Homecoming week. Every year, this week is filled with dress-up days, along with many festivities before Friday’s game and Saturday’s dance. The schedule this year consists of, coronation on Monday, Class Competition and Powderpuff football game on Wednesday, and pepfest following a home game against St. Louis Park on Friday.

Homecoming week is so special because everyone gets involved”

— Abbie McGrann

“Homecoming week is so special because everyone gets involved,” senior Abbie McGrann said.

Dressy vs. Messy was this year’s first annual dress up day. Around the school, many students came dressed in their pajamas, but other dressed up with a tie or dress.

Every year the senior Senate pick the dress up day themes. Something new this year is the incentive that goes along with dressing up.

Two students and two faculty members get chosen for the best dressed in theme. Then, the student body brings it to social media by snapping a photo for the best dressed. The teacher/student who won the poll will be gifted a caribou coffee.

“Pajama day is something we always do, but since it happened to land on the day we had coronation, we thought we would let the court members go with dressy also,” Student Body Vice President Emmett Halloran said.

To go along with the coronation, the usual spartan schedule was moved around. Monday was a spartan hour day however, 7th period fell to 2nd hour and vice versa. Therefore, all students were advised to watch the coronation of Homecoming King and Queen at the end of the day.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors all voted for 1 princess from their grade who was then escorted by a senior boy on the senate. Finally, ten senior couples are nominated and walk for the crown.

After days of waiting, the results were in. Only one boy could be king and one girl could be queen. The voting was open to all ages of high schoolers. At 2:15 October 1st your Orono 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were revealed.

Pierce Pennaz and Emerson Sankey were crowned king and queen. Following their crowning, they took the stage to take the royal stroll.

As for the rest of the court, including the king and queen, they will be featured in the parade this Friday the 5th.

One eventful day down at Orono High School. Stay tuned for everyday updates on Homecoming 2018.


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