Lights, Camera, Prom

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It is that time of year where juniors and seniors from Orono High School begin to ask friends and loved ones to prom. To kick off the excitement, on April 4 during spartan hour, the prom fashion show was held. 13 girls and 13 boys were featured, modeling stunning dresses and stylish tuxedos to introduce the fancy outfits that The Social Room has for sale.

This year, prom will be hold on May 11 at the Metropolitan Ballroom. The dinner and dance will be held there, however earlier that afternoon the Grand March at Orono High School will be held for friends and family to come and see everyone all glammed up.

During the fashion show, the prom theme, around the world, was revealed through a creative video that the prom committee put together. Not only were there great reveals, but also the opportunity to win free tickets to prom and fantastic discounts on dresses, tuxes, spray tans, hair appointments, and makeup appointments.

Prom tickets are now for sale on FeePay and reservations for tables are available to be picked during lunches throughout the upcoming weeks.

“Everyone on the committee has worked hard to create a great show for the students and staff at OHS. We think the theme is creative and will be enjoyed by everyone this year,” head chair committee Jordan Case said.

To end off the show, a Michael Jackson act was performed by Clayton Dawson. Many would say this is an act you do not want to miss, as Clay entertained the cheering crowd of OHS with juggling, dancing, and acting.

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