Orono’s 66th Homecoming

This year is Orono High School’s 66th homecoming. Throughout the week many school wide activities will be held for all students to participate in. Every year, the first activity kicking off homecoming week is coronation. 

Every year a princess is picked from each grade by a process of voting. Orono’s princesses this year were Natalie Cumming, Sarah Michel, Hanna McDonell, Elsa Soderstrom, Kayla Demartini, Emily Way, Devon Johnson, Jean Hauff, Brooke Ament, Lila Paul, Sophie Andrews, and Amelie Wall.

As for the gentlemen’s side, only the senior boys can be nominated for homecoming court. The senior boys included Oscar Edwards-Hughes, Spencer Overturf, Sam Bartel, Tavo Moline, Kevin Cornelius, Jack Randolph, David Anderson, Will Larson, Graham Mehaffy, Jeremy Skalla, Guyvenson Mohs, and Thomas Lecy.

During the ceremony Emma VandenEinde and Henry Luetmer covered the song “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities, and the band performed a song from the 2016 movie La La Land.  

As the ceremony continued the highly anticipated letter from senior student council arrived. Finally, the moment the school had been waiting for, the Homecoming King and Queen were finally crowned. Amelie Wall and Jeremy Skalla are 2017’s Homecoming royalty.