What is Absentee and Early Voting?

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As you probably know, the election is coming up.  It seems as if every commercial break has a line up of political advertisements.  If you are 18 you more than likely have been told it is your civic duty to vote.  One option is going to the nearest voting booth and casting your vote on election day but what are the other options?

Early voting is one more option. This is done during a designated period and place before election day. A qualified voter may cast their vote in person with no excuse or justification required (in Minnesota).  

Absentee voting is another option. This is done by mail or sometimes in person. If you are unable to make the polls on voting day you can request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you by contacting your local election officials. From their a ballot is mailed and can be mailed back or given back in person.  

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